About Me.

Ultimately, this isn’t really about me. It’s all about you! With you in mind, as your virtual office assistant, I am here to help you get work done so that you’ll be free to do other important things.

Leave the rest up to me

Hello, my name is Linda Huff. As a virtual assistant, I can help you manage your company’s general admin roles and responsibilities. We will work together to find the areas you may need help with and create a solution to the problem.

Fast. Efficient. Proactive.


Some of the duties I like to do, just to name a few: drafting documents, organizing email inboxes, scheduling appointments, bookkeeping services (AR, AP, Invoicing, Tracking Inventory, Billing) and many other duties. I even enjoy creating procedures! (I love creating flow charts and print screens of how to do things!)

If there is something that I can help you with, just let me know.

Do what you do best, I’ll do the REST!

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